Thursday, October 09, 2003

A slow crawl toward the apocalypse

I am blogging from Baghdad, the front row seats to the inevitable destructive spiral prophesized by John Titor. We are sweeping up the mess of a short and rather pointless war. All of the promises of terrorist training camps and wmd that were supposed to justify this in the end never materialized. And with the head of Saddam Hussein slipping away in the dusty night, Bush doesn't even have a good trophy to hang by the fireplace. The truth is that we came unprovoked and uninvited. We overthrew a despot that was no more threatening than an evil mosquito and liberated a nation that cant take care of itself. Now we have the incompetency of the Bush administration writing apology notes with one hand and toilet training Iraq with the other. "Okay, this is a constitution. Just fill in the blanks as they apply to your country." Maybe this is what you should show children when you are trying to convince them that cocaine kills braincells.

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