Saturday, October 11, 2003

The Middle East and the Far Right

There is little hope for American policy in southwest Asia. It is like the meth junky girlfriend that you keep funneling emotion and money into. If this were a fairy tale, brainless optimism might pay off. But since this is a rational world, Israel will continue to stress tensions on one side of your war while Iranians boastfully enrich uranium on the other side of you. Fortunately, the visionary thinking of Our Great Leader has positioned us directly in the center of the toilet, just waiting for the impending flush before all of this shit starts flying our way.

I think that hydrogen bombs are not the worst offspring of Einstein's genius. That distinction belongs to nuclear power plants. They are the "dog ate my homework" of the modern age. "Bombs, what bombs? We just need to some lights." In the first fifty years after Hiroshima, not a single country has opted to harness that power as their primary energy source. Especially not countries setting next to the worlds largest supply of crude oil. Every secretive plan to develop world ending weaponry is defended on the hope that it might be used for something else. Nuclear power, much like fire, will not be a serious energy resource until its usefulness as a weapon has been diminished.

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