Wednesday, October 15, 2003

What if...

You created a clone of yourself then killed the clone. Would that be murder?

When a person creates another object through almost any means (i.e. farming, chemical processes, or even stock trading), the products of that process are the persons to keep and do with what they wish. The only case in which we really change that standard are with children, it is against the law to beat up your child. But if you commissioned your clone, it should be yours to do with what you wish. I think that killing you clone, if you want, is perfectly reasonable.

Even with animals we can do what we want with. I could go by a very expensive pure bred dog, if I want, then shoot it. I am not saying that it would be smart, but it was my dog to do with as I wish. I only wasted my money and my time. I think there are some laws that prevent cruelty to animals, but you can argue that it is not overly cruel to just kill the dog quickly, plus if your dog goes missing. Are you going to bring it up to the authorities?
I mean it is not like you are sitting there burning holes in the dog's eyes with cigarette butts.


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