Monday, October 27, 2003

Fishing trip

I have just got back from the work fishing trip. It is interesting ...... I don't particularly like the entire process, although the fishing is real nice. You have to leave from work early to get to the cabin on the river where we stay for the entire weekend. Leaving work early is not a problem (it is quite nice actually), but the fact that you have to drive 4 and half hours to get to the cabin sucks. It is really only 20 miles from Memphis, but because of the number of curves, kinks and strategically-placed- grandmothers driving it takes much longer to get there than normal. So Friday night you stay up late drinking and gambling (which I don't drink, but I enjoy the betting), then you wake up very early Sat morning to go fishing. I could go fish in a boat, but I choose to fly fish (it is much tougher, and you have to think like a fish). This involves standing in a current not quite strong enough to carry you away, while constantly trying to catch fish and watching for rising water, because at any moment the generators (on the dam which makes the river) could on. If that happens you are swimming until you can reach shore, if you don't drown first. Then once you get done fishing, you come back to the cabin. On Saturday night, we watch football, drink and gamble. This time the food was particularly good. The Sunday morning you wake up early again to leave (and the reason why you wake up early to leave is because you rode with an old man who can't sleep past 6:00 am).

overall score:
6 out of ten. I only caught two fish, and lost the money I took to the table to gamble with. Had I caught more fish and won a big take, I would have given it a seven point five.

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