Thursday, October 28, 2004

Man i love being me

Just recently i had an email exchange email from stewardess, it started like this.

Her: I would have thought you'd have commented on the Stiffler cat post.

Me: Well, I really did not have anything to say.

While that is an odd name for an cat, it could be worse, they could name their cat the Japanese word for penis.

I have been looking at guns all day. I really wanted a glock, then I saw the HK's now I am torn and confused. I will probably not buy any, but I am going to find try to find some to shoot in the future.

Her: Have you ever been to a gun range? WE should go sometime. I've only shot rifles, but it was F-U-N!

You have to love right wing girls. Of course after we get finished shooting the heck out of some guns, we will make out on the hot, spent bullet shells.


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Anonymous said...

Glad I could do that for ya.