Saturday, October 02, 2004


I am almost all ready for my trip home this weekend. I have done no packing, because I was busy last night watching survivor and watching the debates. I did not wash clothes before I left, so I will have just whitie tighties to wear when I get back. I did wash dishes before I left. Well I started to wash them Monday. I got distracted and left them in the dish water for a few days. Then this morning I had to clean up the mess that was left because of my incompetence, but all I did was drain the water, take the dishes out, and wash them off with clean water. That still did not help the smell, as much as I thought it would, so I sprayed them down with a heavy coat of lysol. Overall I think the dishes were better off before I started washing them Monday, though I that the coat of lysol pushed them toward being more clean or at least smelling less.

I am going to have a good fall weekend and listen to some James Taylor while driving home. You should listen to some James Taylor. I would suggest any songs form his October road album.


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