Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Why has Desperate Housewives been so successful?

There are two main competing theories (well one is by me and the other is by my friend). It is important to note that the two theories are not mutually exclusive and the effects might combine to interesting effects.

Generational Aging Theory

All the friend watchers grew up. They have moved out of the single fun stage of their lives, and now own houses and have kids in the suburbs. Instead of wanting to see people who have perfect lives in the big city, the grown up friend watchers want validation about the choices they have made in their lives. In other words, they want to see how their lives could be worse. Housewives provides that.

Sex Sales Theory

A friend said that the above theory was not the explanation, but that "Horny Guys" were. Speaking as a horny guy, I am not really interested. The name is as catching as a spam email (which is pretty catching to think of it), but when you actually watch the show you figure out that you are the one getting screwed. The women look great, I cannot deny that, but they spend a lot of time talking about their relationship problems, instead of getting it on. In the show I saw, terri hatcher did get nekkid, but you did not see anything. I guess that only goes to prove that free porn is bad porn. She also is not as good looking as you remember, she seems like she has aged a bit.



Sojourner said...

Entertainment Weekly rated it as the #1 new show (nah it's Lost) So do you like it? I watched one episode and thought it had one mildy amusing momment but overall, repugnant

Cubicle said...

thanks for droping by, i think you may have confrimed my theory on what happens when horny guys tune in.

I personally have no opinion on the show. I saw the show at my girlfriends old roomates apartment and watched it in passing as all three of us where talking.

I do not have cable and have not bothered to get rabbit ears for my TV to make it usable for TV.

I just go to a friends house to watch digital cable with Tivo functionality, and we noramlly watch survior or 24.