Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Been busy

I have been fairly busy with very little time to post.

I just have a question.

What is the historic guidelines for former presidents in current politics?

In other words where is Gerald Ford? He should be hitting the campaing trial. Him and Jimmy carter could have a mud wrestling match. Bush one and clinton could have a good ole WWF smack down.

I thought once you were president that you took some time off and did not interfer with the current politics of the time because you were above that sort of thing.



Dave Justus said...

Typicalyy former Presidents have not been too involved in campaigning, particularly against their replacement. Bill Clinton has changed this.

To be fair though, Ford is pretty old, and wasn't exactly popular either. No Republican ever wanted Nixon to campaign for them after he left office. Reagan went into retirement due to his health soon after he left the Presidency. George H.W. Bush probably doesn't want to take too much of an active role because his endorsement wouldn't be worth too much, since W. is his son.

So the only time in recent history when an ex republican president could have gotten heavily involved was 1996 in the Clinton-Dole race.

Cubicle said...

"To be fair though, Ford is pretty old, and wasn't exactly popular either."

Yea he is so old that no one will really know what the hell he did. And you can always heavily spin his role in history like the whiteweb site about him does.

I thought that was the general policy. I honestly did nto know if Ford was a republican or a demorcrat until i read his bio.