Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bring it on

The United States on Wednesday filed a World Trade Organization complaint over what it called unfair European subsidies to aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the European rival of U.S.-based Boeing.....

...The European Union pledged to file its own case in response.
Our position, and we've said this time and again ... is, if there's a U.S. complaint there will be a European complaint, European Commission spokeswoman Arancha Gonzalez said....

Personally I think that each country in the WTO should pursue their own interests. If everyone is watching out for their selves and making sure they are not screwed over by any trade deals, everyone will have fair trade deals. I think large negotiations designed to reach trade agreements on many issues are nice, if you can get them. If every country that had a problem with the way the US or the EU traded (farm subsides and the like) and filed separate complaints on different problems, we would have had many of the major problems solved. Instead they have been trying to get one major trade deal passed. If they effort that was spent on that was spent on each countries issue, I wonder if the large trade deal would be necessary.

About the Airbus case, I think that the EU would have filed a complaint long ago if they thought they were getting an unfair deal. The fact that they are going to file only in reaction to our complaint should tell you something.


Update: Airbus swoops back at Boeing.

Some of the charges that Airbus has are here.

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