Saturday, October 23, 2004

I am a member

I have been officially welcomed into the Rocky Top Brigade. I am honored and blessed, but I have my reservations about this group.

first and foremost in their "Constitution for the Union of Tennessee Volunteer Bloggers and Big Orange Expeditionary Forces", the say this, "Whereas, there ain't nothing in the world finer than Jack Daniels". I full heartily agree, but don't they know this.

"One connoisseur says he's sure that "Jack Daniels "is spinning in his grave."

That follows word that the famous "sippin' whiskey" has lowered the alcohol content of its Old Number Seven Black Label.

The whiskey now registers 80 proof, instead of 86, and some drinkers feel betrayed.
Modern Drunkard magazine editor Frank Kelly Rich says the company cannot get away with messing with a legend.

The company says most customers prefer the less potent mix. But there are still higher-kick specialty versions on the market.

Some critics allege the company is trying to save money by watering down the whiskey.
An online petition asking the company to switch back has gathered about 700 signatures."

Here is the online Petition to bring it back to it's former glory. The south and Jack will rise again.

Secondly, they also mention this, "Dollywood is the purest manifestation of independent hillbilly entrepreneurialism in the land...". Personally, I was always fond of the giant fireworks stands that could be found along I-40 circa 1998. I don't know if they are still there, but I hope so.



TORTUGA! said...

Welcome to the RTB!

Cubicle said...

thanks a lot.