Friday, October 29, 2004

The most important election of our life

I have heard that phrase so many times from so many different places, that I really think that is a bunch of crap. While this election is more important than most, I am a young guy and I really do not want to blow my political wad to early.

Even if Kerry wins, there will be some positives. Deadlock, blessed deadlock. Increases in government spending will slow to a crawl, and we will have a republican congress acting like a republican congress. They will start cutting spending, just out of spite. Which I have seen some numbers recently that suggest the government may cut government spending drastically, but have not confirmed the numbers yet. My mind is still out on that charge yet.

Secondly, I bet that we will never hear this "is most important election of our life" again from the MSM. That phrase has a certain effect on the American population, it causes them to get out and vote. While the MSM thinks that they want this, they also think that most people agree with them also. After this election we will see how high the turnout was. We will also see how a high percentage of American feels. Which if a high percentage turns out, and bush wins, that will probably be the last time you hear the MSM tell you to get out and vote.


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