Friday, October 29, 2004

How would you get the results of this study?

"The technical evaluation of the proposals included a comprehensive handgun test protocol involving a rigorous battery of environmental, reliability, durability, and other tests. Approximately three million rounds of ammunition were fired through 690 handguns of 46 different models during the testing, which took almost four months to complete. Aside from the actual live firing, additional testing was conducted through laboratory analysis and armory inspections. In all, each model was evaluated against more than 50 characteristics before arriving at a technical rating. This data was used in conjunction with past performance and pricing information to select the winning contractors"

They put this things in ovens, in salt water,in sand, and i think they even urinated on them then froze them then hit each other over the head with them.

I want the results of this "comprehensive handgun test".

How would YOU go about getting it?

I am thinking about filing a Freedom of Information Act request, any suggestions are welcome.

BTW sigarms and HK got the contracts. I am sure the decision involved pricing and quality.

Here is another article that gives some information about the process and the history of "gun procurement" by the ICE.



Andrew said...

If you have a friend in academia, come up with a reasonable research premise, and have them call whatever bureau conducted the study and just ask for it. An FOIA filing might work, but this would be the easier way to go if the material isn't considered sensitive.

Cubicle said...

"If you have a friend in academia"

Actually i do have a good friend, I might check on that.

"...the material isn't considered sensitive."

Yea so far i have read the FIOA, and they might be able to deny my claim based in these resons.

1)internal pratices of an agency
2)trade secrets the goverment has gathered by working with companies
3) could reasonably be expected to endanger the life of any indivdual

So it might work, but the idea of getting a friend to help me out woudl work a lot quicker.

basically i don't know if this study is senstive or not, but it never hurts to ask