Thursday, October 14, 2004

Home Stretch

Here is my post debate wrap up, take it for what it is worth.

Kerry did not seem as sharp and on top of it as he did in the first too debates. I think bush toned it down from the town hall. In the town hall debate, he seemed loud and overly forceful. He also had some real whiny parts in the town hall that I did not see as much of tonight. I think bush did better than he did in the second debate and I think Kerry did a little worse. So I would probably give this debate to bush by 6 to 8 percentage points in the polls, but we will see. If bush was able to stop his slide in the last debate, this should have been the death stab to the heart, but I think it was more of a jab in the face to Kerry instead. In other words, i don't think this debate knocked Kerry out of the race by any means. It was not the homerun Bush needed.

I personally think this debate will swing a couple percentage points toward Bush during the week, but that is about it. It could be enough to win though.

After watching only 3 debates in my life, I fell more than comfortable telling you how to score the debates for the rest of your life.

Cube's rules on scoring debates.

If a partisan said it was a tie, give it to the guy they do not like.
If someone tries to appear above the fray and not comment on who won the debate, give it to the person they do not like.

And that is about all I have.


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