Tuesday, October 12, 2004


This was the email that started me on the journey to buy a coffee mug.

It has come to our attention that we are purchasing paper towels for the break rooms, in addition to the towel dispenser. Believe it or not, the individual rolls of paper towels cost *my company's name* several thousands of dollars per year. We have asked Coffee Express to stop delivering the Bounty towels, and request that the remaining supply be used for cleaning purposes only. This will save *my company's name* a lot of money.

The review of these invoices showed us that our coffee expenditures are high as well. In order to continue coffee service at a reasonable cost to the company, we are going to to monitor the usage for a few months so that we can determine the quantities to order each month. As such, we have moved the surplus coffee supplies. If supplies run low, please contact *coffee Nazi here* or *former coffee Nazi here* to replenish these items.

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding during this time of change.

*former coffee Nazi here*

Well, I declare success. This afternoon, I did not drink any coffee in the morning because I did the third part of the lazy man's workout and needed to down some water, I walk into the break room and the old coffee brewer is gone. They (coffee Nazi and foes) replaced it with individual coffee grounds dispenser where there are six different kinds of coffee in their own individual packages and a brewer which only brews these individual packages. So far the response has been negative. The coffee tastes burnt or it is too strong. The cool thing is that you get a fresh cup of coffee everything you go to get one. The really nice thing is that no one likes it.

I know I had something to do with it, because I heard a comment at the end of last month that they were running out. I am sure that me and my small 14 oz cup had something to do with it.

This will not be the last iteration of the coffee system by any means, I must ramp up my efforts to make sure the system turns into what I want it to. My goal is an ICS (Individual Coffee System) to prevent social loafing and to increase company profits.

Somtimes to fix the system you must break the system.



Andrew said...

Dude--it really seems like your company's running downhill financially right now. I'm pretty sure this is your third 'efficiency' post in as many weeks. If you haven't been already, I'd stuff off some savings and start scanning dice.com. Even if you'll be the last person laid-off, at this rate it doesn't look like there'll be much work environment left in a few months.

Cubicle said...

hmm possibly, but given the nature of my work, the fact the business is privatly held, and that all the finance (accounting) people are still here i think I have quite a while.

When the accounting people jump ship, that is when you want to leave also, heh heh.

While i am not discounting your theory, i just happen to be really bored, and when i get bored i start to do things like this.

And i am tracking this because I think it is somthing that can be learned from. This is just the frist email that was send out, and really it is all the same story line.

They put an accounting person in charge of it, and it has been going down hill. I think that accounts are good at some thnings, but I would not want them rationing food stuffs to me.