Saturday, October 09, 2004

"We're Screwed!!!"

I just got this email at work, it was addressed to all the professional staff (think programmers, implementation people, and managers)


Argent, a process engineering and management consulting company, will be in our offices October 11-13. The purpose of their visit is to "observe" our operations, review our workflow, facility layout, etc. During their visit, they may ask to speak with some of you from time to time, but it should not be for very long. I will try and have them schedule meetings times so they do not interrupt anyone. If you have any questions, let me know.

"dumb guy I dislike"

The bob's are coming, and my life just grew on step closer to office space.

My office has: The perky girl with the annoying voice, the birthday cake every month, a couple of the cool programmers (" my O - O- O face").

We did have: The guy that came and said hello everyday with a cup of coffee in his hands (he died in a car crash), the odd guy that muttered (fired - what a surprise).

I will update this page as I think of more.

I think I know what movie I am going to watch this weekend.



Stephen said...

"I have eight different bosses right now."


"Eight, Bob."

Cubicle said...

That is not the case for me, but my friend a year ago was in that exact situation.

I forgot that, consider that added to the list.


Gib said...

We sent out a memo, about putting cover sheets on all our TPS reports. We'll just get you another copy of that memo.

Cubicle said...

hmmm the only thing that we have had close to that were time sheets that we filled out.

if made me fill like that was somthing useless.

I stopped sending mine in, and no on seemed to care, so I would consider that one added also.

Andrew said...

Just do what I did and take an end-run around the plot of the movie before it becomes fully real: quit and leave the profession.

Take your opinions on teaching and pick up the academic side if you want to stay in the field; profs in professional fields (CS, EE, law, etc.) have average wages exceeding the average wages in most fields, plus: less managed hours, more creative freedom, and the security of tenure. The only price is a few years earning a Ph.D.

Cubicle said...


I have considered it, but right now i am paying off my loans. The teaching gig would be a nice one. All the time off gives me an erection. I don't want to be one of those hopeless acdemics who never has been in the real world. I know i could bet my mastered degree, and teach at a community college. I don't know if i would have it in me to get a PHD, i would just assume settle, and do some contract work on the side.