Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hindsight on information processes

We recently made it to the finial stages of a project at work. It was a major project, started before I arrived. It has been needed by the business for quite awhile and has already provided great benefit by giving the business better metrics on a core (I would say THE) business process.

As we are coming to the end, we are having problems achieving certain goals that were established for a key group. The reason we incorporated this group into the project in the first place is because they are on the front end and if their process was not rewritten, they would screw up the middle and end part of our process, thereby causing the entire project to fail. Essentially, scope creep.

Since their part of the project was an afterthought, we did not do as good of a job as should have been done. So we are going to have to rewrite their part of the process to meet their needs and the business needs. After the meeting with this group, that is when I realized that with strongly coupled information processes you should probably start with the first steps and work to the last steps, instead of starting in the middle. I also pointed that out to my boss.


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