Thursday, August 10, 2006



I replaced the outside light, that was 60 watts with a 150 or 200 watt bulb, because light is the opposite of darkness and the more the better as far as I am concerned. The light is so hot, that it melted the plastic casing covering it. I am going to have to fix it this weekend.

A poor homeless hard working black man told me that all white people look a like. Then I gave him a led that apparently got him a job, because he came by at midnight to tell me. I slept through the knocking and my roommate got the door. The thing that I feel I really missed, was not congratulating him, but covering the door while my roommate opened it. My roommate said he turned on the light (150 watts or 200 watts, I forget) and the guy put his hands in the air...heh heh.

I paid off my truck, then I created a oil leak by dragging the oil pan off the side of the road when I was trying to make room for someone else to pass on my left. One step closer to being debt free.

I bought tickets to see Sandcastle get married. Stewardess and I will be spending a week in Germany, then we will finish the vacation by going to Sandcastle's wedding. I can honestly say, that will be the biggest event in this blog's history.

I changed the message on my cell phone to just my number, instead of saying. "You have reached so and so's number, please leave a message." I think it is more secure, if people are looking for you, they want know if they have the right number unless you call them back.

Oh, and Samuel L Jackson gave me a call.



scottythomas85 said...

yeah he called me too. when i was in the hospital.

Angel said...

I'm jealous!!!! I want to go to Sandcastles wedding tooo. :) Take lots of pictures for me. Then maybe I can photoshop my way there

Sandcastle said...

It will definitely be the largest event of this blog. It will be attended by people from four nations.