Saturday, January 13, 2007

Open immigration

There are many ideas in the immigration. Close the borders with wall or electronic fence. Open those borders, because we can't close them anyways and it is the nice human thing to do. An idea occurred to me recently. I have never heard the idea before, though I am sure someone has brought it up, but like i said I have never heard the idea before.

Do not get rid of all immigration quotas, just get rid of them for one country at a time. Make a bid deal of it in the news, maybe hire some pr guys from these international corporations to advertise for us. There would be requirements of course. Such as the person, should be trying to learn English, any American flare (office space lingo) would also help speed the process of acceptance. A test for any incurable and communicable diseases would be nice. Though if it was curable or not communicable, i don't see why it should matter. We could pay for the people's moving expenses, this will ensure that we will get the most people possible. Also put an expiration date on the offer, maybe a year or two.

A year after closing the offer we should then turn around and declare war on the country we opened quotas on and KILL every single living human thing in it using our new citizens are soldiers. This will have the effect of weeding out the ones who are weak or really did not like America as much as they though. Obviously the people that were left did not like America enough to move, or they were fence sitters, which are just as bad. We could probably solve a whole heck of a lot of problems if we were able to separate the good American loving civilians, from all the other people. We could clear out those last hand holds of communism, terrorism, drug lords, and circus clowns.


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