Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One of my favorite things

Time is money and I have to little of either. Recently, I converted reading all of my lovely blogs over to RSS feeds. Being using Mozilla Thunderbird as my access client of choice. Liked it because i received posts like emails. Saved me from clicking around the net going to sites that were not updated. Then I upgraded....unsure of what transpired to during the upgrade to break the time-saving functionality I so much loved. Quick search on RSS readers shows that Google has one. Need to sign up, no problem - I sign up with my MSN Hotmail account. Now I can access my RSS feeds anywhere in the world. More access means more time to read, which means I can read more. I can even store posts offline and take them with me. Videos play inside of the reader, because it is web based, pictures show up. This is currently my second favorite thing on the internet.


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