Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We had a zen breakthough

My girlfriend finally got on paper a few weekends ago. In retrospect it was the Zen talk that did it. I had covered shooting stance, had her dry-fire till her nubbins were wet with blood, covered sight alignment. I didn't come out last weekend expecting her to hit the ten ring every time, but I was hoping that she had not lost much of what we had gained, though our hard work. Out of an entire mag, only two were on paper. I was near desperation. I had to go kung-fu spiritual on her. "Imagine you are a bird...flying...then pull the trigger so fast you don't know what happened." It worked, that whole zen like state, pulling the trigger slowly, while trying to foget about the big bang that is coming got all twelve rounds on paper, and many in the area where she was aiming. She when from no holes, to seeing the brass come out of the gun (I still close my eyes!).

It is hard to get better at shooting, when you can't even tell where the bullet is going. Now that she is on paper, the nature process of self correction can take place. And only a few more hundred thousand rounds before she can do it while running upside down on the ceiling like that matrix show.


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Dawn Summers said...

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