Sunday, December 02, 2007

Follow the Red Ball

One thing people fail to realize when wishing for total government health care is that all of the people employed in private insurance will lose their job. It will not happen all at once, by any means, but eventually the private insurance that we all know and hate will be put out of business.
If government run health care kicks into high gear, two things will happen at once: the number of people working for private insurance will drop, the number of people working for new the government health care system increase.

In a nation with about 4.7 percent unemployment, the people hired by the government will be the same people fired by the private insurance companies.

And certain people think that the government can do a better job running health care....


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prcardi said...

In Israel private insurance companies manage public health care. Every citizen is guaranteed access to the system and have the option to choose which of the private insurers they want to use.

Even with "universal health care" private (non government) insurance companies still exist because they offer fancier, shinier equipment, shorter waiting times, longer average appointment lengths, or access to services and/or treatments unavailable through the government health care.

So unemployment among the former insurance workers is not a necessary outcome of universal healthcare (or total government healthcare). It will result if Americans are uncreative, unproductive and discouraging of private business in the realm of health care but I always thought Republicans were the ones that most believed in the creative, productive, private business-inspiring Americans...