Thursday, September 18, 2008


Been real busy. I got married. The associated planning for the wedding, move, and process of combining two lives have taken up a not so small portion of my time. The wedding was great. We were on budget for the wedding and honeymoon. Needless to say i was pleased by that. Now on to the next task - getting a house. I hear they are easy to find these days.

Just to make the ladies jealous here is the engagement ring i purchased my beloved.

It was a custom job, I have three dimension wire frame pictures as well. The above is the final render. I choose the symbol of the Celtic trinity, because my wife has worn one trinity earring for as long as i have known her. The side stones ended up a little larger than the picture. Other than that and the changes that have been made to size the ring, it looks like the picture.

I also purchased a Sig P226, again for the wife. Stainless slide, so it matches the ring.


Gib said...

Hahahahahahahaha!! Now your life is ov...

...I mean, marriage is a wonderful thing, and I happily welcome you into the fraternity of men who know the bliss that can only be described as matrimony.

In all seriousness, congratulations.

Cubicle said...

thanks. As an aside, i received the joy of sleeping next to a (by the sound of it) deathly sick person, earlier this week. So it seems marriage does have it downsides.