Monday, July 17, 2006

The Beginning of...well who the hell knows?

This morning I heard Newt Gingrich announce the start of the Third World War. I used to dismiss Gingrich as a racist redneck and the rightwing nut bearing the name of the sixth most popular amphibian, but even some of his opponents have described him as politically brilliant. And why not the next world war? He has a point. Start a conflict based on culture, religion, and fundamental points of view in an area that contains the holiest of holies for three major religions and also the largest reserve of the planet's most important natural resource (which some claim is becoming increasingly scarce). Add to that scenario that three regional powers possess nuclear stockpiles (Israel, Pakistan, and the US) and nothing good can come about. To further confuse matters, hostilities are being carried out largely by non-state actors that refuse to negotiate. So what to do? Bombs away.

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