Saturday, July 15, 2006

Internal Affairs

Well, i thought i would update you on the south beach diet and how it is going for me. In the past four months I have lost about 20 pounds. Most of that due to diet, not exercise. My biggest fear when i started the diet was that I would have to spend a large amount of time cooking. I don't mind cooking for myself and others, but I view cooking for just myself as a waste of time. Fortunatly I was able to find several meals that were filling and easy to make, for lunch and dinner. I am still cooking for breakfast, which I view as a reasonable tradeoff.

I actully stopped running because I self dignosed myself with medial shin splits. I kept running because I thought that I didn't have shin splints. After a little research i discovered that I needed to take 2 to 4 weeks off from running. I decided to stop running until the tenderness disappeared, well it has been almost two months and the tenderness is still not gone, though it is much better. I am hoping that the weight loss, the shin strengthing exercises i found, and the core exercises I am doing will pervent their return.



Sandcastle said...

As someone that runs a lot, I just wanted you to know that shin splints often recurr after you get them once. Things you can do to cut down are make sure that you have good shoes and run on soft surfaces (gravel or dirt) instead of pavement.

Cubicle said...

thanks for the information.

This is the second time i have gotten them, though the first time they seemed to just go away after awhile.

I will look into the shoes, the ones I have now are high quality trial running shoes, though I could probably still upgrade if i wanted to spend the money. I will also try to stick to gravel more as I run.

Overall, i think i will have them licked this time around.

Sandcastle said...

You don't need to buy more expensive shoes, but talk to the people at the store and find some that fit your foot. There are basically three kinds of arches.

Cubicle said...

The reason i mentioned upgrading is because my feet are a little more complicated than just the arch.

I have an High arch, but I also have either Pronation and Supination of my foot.


I can tell this because the outside edges of my work shoes get worn quicker than the inside edges.

In my current shoes i bought an insole with high arch. It is my theory that the insoles is causing more pronation which is causing the medial shin splints. O

Of course, i could be wrong. That is mainly why I am willing to upgrade, if neccessary. Though i think just getting an insole with less arch could help my problem.

Cubicle said...

I might be right.