Saturday, July 15, 2006

immigration reform

How did our immigration problem in America start? It started by not enforcing the laws that we have on the books. Adding more laws to those same books will not solve the problem. Our immigration problem was also worsens by our tremendous econmic success compared to our southern neighbor.

Link "Mexico's per-capita real GDP has grown at only 0.7 percent annually since the early 1980s."

The realtive riches that America has to offer are worth the risk. If you are caught, you will be no worse off than you were before. Heck you might have even put on a few pounds in jail, learned a bit of english, and gathered skills that you will need to evade the police next you cross over. Nothing short of shooting people as they cross the border and torturing them when they are caught will stop the tide. I don't support that.

The recent strategy that ICE is taking is one of intrest. It will also provide the most bang for the buck in the short term. They are going after the high value immigrants, the ones with outstanding warrants and who are wanted by the police for some reason or the other. While this is a necessary step to securing America, it will not solve the problem, though it will make america better.

We also cannot support anyone and everyone who wishes to come to american. For us to be healthy and problem free mexico will also need to be healthy and problem free. The only way we are going to do that is by a targeted and agressive exporting of American values to that country. I think that we are rich enough that we could bribe...errr...offer economic incentives in exchange for the lossening of certian restrictions that pervent Mexicans from becoming a great country theirselves. Such as privatizing certian industries, destorying certian unions, and cleaning up the police force.

I think it has about as good of a chance of working as the walls do.


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Sandcastle said...

I came up with a good plan this weekend that will help us with immigration reform and also contribute to the war effort. We should put US military recruiting stations on the border. Non-citizens are allowed to join our military (but not receive a security clearance) and work their way toward becoming an American. Additionally, they learn a skill, earn money, and are taught English. Everyone could win here.