Monday, May 01, 2006

Americanizing them fast,8599,1184831,00.html

"In the wake of reports of workers being laid off and students being suspended after attending immigration rallies on company and school time, a number of immigration rights groups across the country are now viewing May 1 with the same wariness. Rather than looking at this day as an opportunity to paralyze the country, many coalitions are instead starting to promote activities that will coordinate with the workday, promote economic growth and help educate the public. That includes talking to their children about immigration before dropping them off at school, organizing a work lecture on voter registration, taking family to an evening vigil and, by all means, breaking out the wallet, especially for a community fundraiser. "People need to channel their energies in a positive direction," says Juan Carlos Ruiz, of the National Capital Immigration Coalition in Washington, D.C. "If other groups decide they want to do a boycott, we respect their strategy, but it is not one we chose.""

May day will quickly becoming like the day where you wear a pink ribbon or a red ribbon for you disease. Looks like these illegals are becoming americanized fairly quickly. Real Americans work, they don't protest.


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