Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Let's play a game. This game is a fun one to play with your children in the car on longish road trips. It is kinda inspired on this comment here

"I dont expect we'll see any "bad things" happen as a result of big government databases any time soon. But if the trends continue, someday that entire database could be availible on the laptop of every squad car (technically, its achievable today) so that when your pulled over an officer would know you purchased four cans of diced pineapple at the local supermarket fifteen minuets ago using your visa, and called X five minutes ago, passed through lane 6 of the I-56 toll, and.... " and the book by , John Twelve Hawks

Who has your SSN?

The Goverment (IRS, Social Security Agency)
The state goverment
My Bank
My Work
My student loan company
My car loan company
My Credit cards.
My Insurance Agency.
My Cell Phone company.
My 401 k company.
Ohh and the gun show where i buy all of my weapons...

What about you?


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Sandcastle said...

I work for the government, and also recieve all of my insurance except car insurance through them, so my list is a little bit shorter than yours. Also nothing on the cell phone or car loan.