Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's Lonely At the Top

But mostly just because anyone else up there won't bother to glance twice in your direction. A British man died while climbing Everest. Tragic. The terrible part is that there are reports of up to 40 other climbers passing him by without offering assistance. The climbers say they would have put themselves at risk if they tried to help him. So they let him die. Is it more important to get to the top? Would you rather summit the world's biggest mountain or help someone live? I really can't believe that 40 people passed him by. This isn't a story about one selfish asshole, it is a condemnation of our society.

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Cubicle said...

not that I disagree with your point, i am just feeling contrary.

I would like to point out that the climber knew the risks, there are no medivacs on mt. everst.

2) All 40 people passed him by. Each and every person saw him and all made the EXACT same dicesion to pass the man buy. Either they are all amoung the most selfish people in the world or they made the correct choice if they want to get home.

Though it does seem like 40 people could get one off of a mountian