Monday, May 01, 2006

"Reid, D-Nev., said the administration should be taking the lead, but instead is relying on Germany, France and Great Britain to convince Iran to end its uranium enrichment program. "It is hard to comprehend," Reid said Tuesday in Reno. "We should be involved at trying to arrive at a diplomatic solution. ... Not just these three countries.""

You mean like we did in Iraq.

The fact is that Germany, France, and Great Britain have more to lose than the US if Iran goes nuclear, because Iran's missiles can actually reach them.



Sandcastle said...

There's that and the fact that those countries actually have something to use as leverage because they do currently have economic and diplomatic relations with Iran. What are we going to bring to the table?

Dave Justus said...

We bring the threat of force to the table. Having the EU nations deliver that message (and us doing it through back channels) is probably more effective than doing so directly.

Good cop, bad cop.