Thursday, January 12, 2006

funny Europeans

Don't ya think it is funny how the Europeans will not let their own people have guns but yet think it is ok for Iran to have nukes.


Gib said...

Rhetorical European Question: If a person has a gun, but is only going to use it to shoot an Israeli, is he really armed?

Anonymous said...

Most of the European states actually opposed Iran having nuclear weapons. Even Russia doesn't want them to have nuclear weapons. Chirac (France) even announced that his country reserves the right to use nukes preemptively against countries supporting terrorism or attempting to construct nukes.

Cubicle said...

How do you reconcil that belief with the fact that Europe is doing nothing to prevent it. They have removed the option of miltary action and refering Iran to the security council.

Also, how do you reconil that knowledge with the knowledge that Russia is help Iran with their nuclear program.

Also, since Iran does support terrorism and we know they are attempting to construct a nuke, why hasn't france acted. I assume it is because they don't care.

Europes statements don't match up with their actions.

America's on the other hand, do. We don't won't to have nukes and want to send them to the security council and would take them over if we felt we needed to.