Sunday, January 29, 2006

What I am reading now

Notice a lot of posts lately? Yeah, 24 hours of duty with nothing to do but surf. Anyway, I am reading the last book of Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I wouldn't really recommend it, but I seem compelled to finish a series after I start it. I picked up the first few books from USO libraries in Iraq. And now I feel like I have invested so much time that I need to finish. I am waiting for amazon to deliver some Bukowski and then I will be a little bit happier.


Lady Arden said...

I've started that series.. but gave up persuing it especialyl since no library has the whole set. I mean really, why does a library bother stocking say books 3 and 5 of a series without the rest?

Sandcastle said...

You aren't really missing out. The series gets progressively more stupid as it goes.