Saturday, January 28, 2006

Middle East and Perpetual War

I don't think there is much hope for the region in general. Iran continues to antagonize the countries making up the UN Security Council. Iraq and Afghanistan are still years away from being considered safe and secure countries. Look for tourism to pick up there around 2098. Now Palestinians have elected a terrorist organization for their government. I don't think the inhabitants of these places have any desire to use diplomacy. Could this region spark the next world war? Why not. There are deep seated religious and political conflicts. None of the various religious groups look ready to resolve issues between one another, and even those of the same religion are willing to fight based on differences in ethniticity. This area is currently not as violent as parts of Africa, but their links to the outside world are much more substantial. The area is too important to be ignored. It contains most of the world's oil, which is a necessary resource in just about every country. The US is already dug in, with hundreds of thousands of troops deployed. It is also Russia's backyard. Then you have Israel, which is always a concern of the UN since the country was created at the end of the last world war. Any conflict in the area will demand a response by the most powerful economic, political, and military organizations that the world has ever seen. Not to mention the global concern with international terrorism that seems to be centered there. The only question seems to be how long this situation can run before it explodes into a major war.

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Cubicle said...

you should check out that link...It is a fictionized tale of the coming war.