Tuesday, January 06, 2004


This is a good explanation of what happened.


My favorite part of the above article is:

On Wednesday, Brazil's foreign ministry formally requested Brazil be removed from the list of countries whose citizens must be photographed and fingerprinted upon entering the United States, or Brazil would deal with entering U.S. citizens the same way.

Let be get this straight. They are trying to tell us what to do.

Hmm....I think the UN tried that crap, also. Look how that turned out: we took over another country in two weeks, freed 25 million people, captured it's president (notice I am not being biased by calling Saddam the spawn of Satan or whatever Islam has for Satan),while giving our money, time, and our kids lives to do it.

Blow me Brazil, and I would like a side of Soy with that (their main export).

Some additional links:

a biased article, with some good points


In a pilot program at Hartsfield-Jackson that preceded Monday's nationwide implementation, authorities turned up 21 people on the FBI's criminal watch list for such crimes as drug offenses, rape and visa fraud, Ridge said.

Foreigners also will be checked as they leave the country as an extra security measure and to ensure they complied with visa limitations.

The pilot program caught 21 people. Can me institute this domestically? I think we should start this program in taxis and bus stations also. It is great.

One thing I would like to see is for all countries to be included on this. Only Miss. Universe contestants are allowed free and clear access to the united States of America, and the Universe contestants can stay as long as they like.

This will increase my chance of meeting and mating with one.


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