Sunday, January 25, 2004

I swear...

By the time that I am thirty I am going to be a crazy old man who carries a gun around in the country and shoots anything that moves.

"Be careful sheriff you had better call his cell phone first to tell him you are coming, or he will shoot you."

But this recent article on fox news has be pissed.,2933,109377,00.html

Basically what's happening in the city of St. Louis, and I know in cities all over the country, is that our infrastructure, our transportation infrastructure is crumbling, our schools are short of money. Our school system is experiencing a $73 million budget shortfall," Slay said. "The state fiscal issues are trickling down to the city level ... and it is a bad situation."

Let me go down the list.
Infrastructure: Hmm that sounds like the states assets (electrical grid, telephone network, state run utilities)
Transportation infrastructure: this is sounds like the state and city roads (although he could be talking about some federal interstates)
Schools: State, county, and city. Once again (Maybe if his schools would buck up and take the federal money and start meeting federal goals he would not have that problem)
Fiscal Issues: He says it is the states once again.

It sounds like this guy want the president to personally fix all of his problems. This guy would be on welfare if it he did not hold and office of mayor. He lists all of the problems he has and it seems most of them are the sates problems and not the federal governments problems. Maybe if he took no pay like TN's governor, that would help out his city a little bit.

I wonder if he gets paid more than the governor of Missouri. (like Memphis's mayor does)


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