Friday, January 09, 2004

Bush is not all bad

Well the numbers are in. Our kids are smarter than they were two years ago.

Although they on average are not that much smarter, you have to realize what it takes to move well grounded averages like testing scores.

But let’s make a list of what has happened while bush have been in office.

He fixed the economy.
(Note: there is no proof that one man can make a difference in the economy, but there is no proof against it. Also, it has been said that the tax cuts could have been done better, but no systems where proposed to take the place of the present system)

He made the education system better.
He started finger-printing people when they enter the country, and caught 21 felons in the first test run.
He tried to make Medicare better. (It will have to be seen if it helps)
He cut taxes and got me some more money.

Oh yea, he took over two countries, and caught the leader of one.
He put Al queda on the run.

He put the UN in their place, and the rest of the world.

He also showed that with great power comes great responsibility (buy doing the morally correct thing and taking over Iraq).

He got Iran and Libya to start behaving.
He called North Korea out on the rug for their actions, and got the rest of the world involved in dealing with them so it want be our problem any more. (Since they still can't hit most of America, it is not really our problem, but we are trying to help out everyone else.)

He has proposed a national immigration change that could be good, if we are then allowed to lock down the boarders of the US like never before.

Note: he also found a homeless man's radium stash.

And you know that a homeless man's radium can be deadly.

And yesterday I swear I saw Bush swoop down from the sky, and save children from a burning bus.


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