Tuesday, January 20, 2004

When are the Kurds getting there own country and who are they?

The Kurds are becoming a hot topic in the Middle East. I am wondering if I am the only one seeing the hypocrisy the Middle Eastern countries are showing.

Here is a little background on the Kruds.

While in other news Turkey, Syria, and Iran are getting along nicely.

In the above article destabilization and the integrity of Iraq's boarders were mentioned as reasons for the Kurds not to get their own ethnic state.

These countries don't care about territorial integrity of Iraq. They just don't want their boarders compromised at all. Although, they don't care about the boarders of other countries. Syrian and Iran both want Israel destroyed. Since these two countries are so caring and loving toward other countries it would seem logical they would want to protect boarders of Israel also.

Also, none of them have a consistent stance on ethnic groups.

If Turkey supports Israel that would mean they would have support the separate ethnic and governmental separation of Palestine and Israel.

Both Syria and Iran support the Palestine having their own ethnic state, although they want clean the place of all the Jewish trash first. Although, (big long collective Muslim sigh here) unfortunately the destruction of the of the Jews is a little out of their collective reach (it was in 1948 and it is now), so they are going to have to settle for the same thing that Turkey wants: Two ethnic states.

Does anyone else see the disconnect, they want the Irsreal-Palastine conflict to end in two separate states (since the option of destroying the Jews is out of play), but yet they want to keep this other ethnic minority from declaring independence at all costs.

Wait a minute….What do the Jews and the Kurds have in common besides monosyllabic ethic names. They are both non-Arabic. Snap. That is it.

The Kurds are a non-Arab Middle Eastern minority population.


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