Saturday, February 21, 2004

Faster is better

I read this interesting article that I picked up from the drudge report.

The article makes a lot of assumptions.

I find it impossible to say that a rocket A will out run rocket B when rocket B has not been created yet (we could just still their new faster missile technology and we would be even again).

additionally, rocket A might be able to out run one rocket B, but can it out maneuver 10 B rocket's (especially when all the rocket B's know where the rocket A is going). Mother nature has show that large packs of smaller less powerful animals can bring down one much larger powerful animal by out thinking it and wearing it out until it is too tried to care about dying.

If rocket A has a brain then all the B rocket's just need to be smarter, not faster to hit rocket A.

Now all of that said, rocket A will have a hard time out running lasers.


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