Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Recent interaction with the world

Here is a recent email that i sent to my old favorite radio station.

Dear radio station that used to be my favorite radio station but is not any more,

As i can hear from listening to you station over the weekend you have
decided make some minor programming changes. This morning i heard (or
rather did not hear) Tater Red. I can only assume the worst from what i
am hearing and not hearing. You have gone screwed up your music line up.
I am hearing more 80's rock than ever from you radio station. I am
hearing less nelson, pete yorn, and white stripes than ever before.

My run down on events.
Some f****r up top decided that you could make more money.
That same fu*ker decided that you needed to change a few things.
You changed a few things (at the expense of Tater Red).
Good job, i hope you don't go to hell for this, and i hope you make more money.
(which just as a side note, there are hundreds of 80's radio stations, if
you really think you can compete in that arena good luck. Only advice i
can give to you steve is that you need to leave a sinking ship while you can.)

Just as a side note, i am rearranging the presets in my car. Your slot is
going to be replaced with a rap station. (They at least play songs that i
have never heard before, unlike you)

Give me folk or death.

"The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our separate ways -- I to
die, and you to live. Which is better God only knows." - Plato, The Apology of Socrates
translated by - Benjamin Jowett.

This is the response that i got.

Dear Cubicle,

Thanks so much for your letter. We are very interested in what listeners like you have to say about their favorite radio station, 107.5 The Pig. You’ve probably figured out by now that we’ve been tweaking the music a little. Eventually we’ll get it right but for the time being we’re trying out a few new things. We hired a big-time research company to help us out but there’s only one thing: they don’t live here! They’re great at what they do, don’t get me wrong, but we need a different kind of help. We need help from people who listen to The Pig - at home, at work, and in the car.

Seems like you’ve got a good ear for music and radio. Maybe you would consider helping us out? Listen to the station for a few more days. Really listen - not only during your usual times but after hours, on the weekends, and in the middle of the day. We want to know exactly what you think and how we can best serve our listeners. We want to be your favorite radio station. Tell us how to do that, Cube.

This is my personal email address: Thanks for your time, Cube. We look forward to hearing your ideas. If any of your other friends have feedback to offer, please give them my address for the Listener Advisory Board so we can talk to them too.


Damian Steele

Director, Listener Advisory Board

PS – Regarding the buring question: What if two non-heterosexuals get married, then they get divorced - Who keeps the house, car, and pet?

I do.

A form letter yes, but they actually took time to check out my site. So i will commence the looking up of data and listening to them.

More information forthcoming.....


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