Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The truth hurts...

The only people who complain about others not being politically correct are the politically correct fools whose only religion is their selves and the causes they champion through endless bickering, suing, and constant complaining. This is a great article pointing out that fact.,2933,111580,00.html

My favorite part.

When one couple confirmed they were French Canadian separatists, the grouchy puppet said, "Listen closely. Hear that? It's the sound of no one giving a," followed by an expletive bleep.

"You're in North America, learn the language!" he hollered at another.

If Triumph the Insult Comic Dog had made fun of African Americans, they would have shot his ass. If he would have made fun of any New York fire fighter, they would have dropped him in the bottom of the Hudson in a second.

The point is that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog felt secure enough to come into Canada and tell off half the country, knowing full well that they would not do anything of real consequence (they only complain). Where as the comedian might think that it is funny to critique people, there are some places they will not go (not because of morals, but because of self preservation).

I will take the rest of this post to call attention to the often critiqued and oft abused member of the American society.

Once people learn to view their lifestyle with the same seriousness that Rednecks view theirs only then can the world be a better place. The hated infidels of America which need to be killed will become those backward fools from that dumb capitalist nation. While neither are pleasant, one is much more preferable.


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