Thursday, February 19, 2004

The rise and fall of Dean

The story of Howard Dean, the one time democratic front runner, is an amazing tale of birth in cyberspace and death by traditional media sources. The fateful dean howl will be forever etched in my mind, as the moment, the traditional media ceased to poison the viewing (and listening) public against dean. The conservative news sources just jumped on the band wagon with more liberal sources such as CNN doing the driving (which later apologized for it's coverage of the howl. Although you did not hear about that did you?).

Dean has now said he is not actively going to campaigning, but will not remove himself from the upcoming primaries (I guess they are going to have to get those delegates he has got out of his cold dead hands). I can only wonder about his strategy. Is he feeling out the waters for a third part bit (his organization is only loosely coupled with the democratic party financially). This would not help the democratic party defeat bush, because he would be stealing his votes away from a more moderate candidate. Is the trying to pull votes away from a specific candidate, so that the other contender, in this now two man primary, has a better chance (that seems like spite). Is he just so stubborn he is unwilling to admit defeat? Only his loving and not-hating of non-heterosexual god knows.

End the end dean must admit the media had the same goals he has, to beat bush. They just did not think he was the guy to do it.


Things to learn from Dean:
The media has great power (more than even I thought), and it can cut both ways.

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