Monday, February 23, 2004

On a more personal note...

Hundreds of my readers have pointed out the fact they know my stance on the "issues" of the day, but they do not have the more personal connection many of them seek with me. This post is dedicated to doing just that.

My favorite rapper / actor is DMX. His portrayal of a really cool thief guy in "Cradle to the Grave" really pushed him over his other competitors (such as Ice Cube and L.L. Cool J) in my mind.

My favorite food (although this is likely to change) is peanut butter smores. They are made just like normal smores except on the graham cracker half which does not have the marshmallow and chocolate, you spread peanut butter (don't attempt heat this part unless you like you smores really messy).

Favorite video game.
By myself: EverQuest
With others: Halo

Coolest thing I own:
X-box then after that a partially assembled fooze ball table.

Favorite Singer.
Pete Yorn

Favorite Band.

Living arrangements.
I live by myself in an apartment. I have been toying with the idea of an exotic pet (such as a monkey or even a dog), but I don't feel that I have graduated from the plant level of responsibility to the small animal level yet. The best pet I have seen yet though has been Sugar Gliders.

Thanks for your time and the next time you see a DMX movie think of me.


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