Monday, February 23, 2004

Nader Later

Well Nader has announced that he would run. Only comment I have seen so far has been on fox. The article that I ran on CNN said:

One question raised by a Nader candidacy is whether he would appeal to voters who were energized by the campaign of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean -- particularly voters opposed to the war in Iraq, which both Kerry and Edwards supported in Congress.

Yes, those people will be very much in line with Nader's views. In the case of the DNC, they are not voting their views. The only thing that matters to the hardcore DNC voters is getting bush out of office. All the semi-smart ones (or the ones who talk to semi-smart ones) will realize that they can't be fractured and do that. The entire DNC must be focused. Everyone knows that the only way the DNC is going to win is if they start playing dirty. If they start stealing the other parties policies. They could make all of the Republicans turn coat if they promised to lower government spending (one thing which bush has not done).

Although the DNC was saved from defeat in the national election when Dean said he would not run as an independent. That would have defiantly killed them and dean was smart enough to realize that.


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