Saturday, October 01, 2005

Thinning the herd, the natural way.

Source:" Adults who get chickenpox for the first time get a much more serious disease than do children. But even for children, chickenpox isn't a walk in the park. And every once in a while, a child gets a very serious form of the disease. One in 50,000 kids gets a brain infection that causes retardation or death. And itchy chickenpox blisters can get infected with dangerous bacteria."

So that is the risk from getting small pox as a kid...What are the risks of the vaccination?

According to the CDC (on page two)

"Moderate Problems
Seizure (jerking or staring) caused by fever (less than 1 person out of 1,000).

Severe Problems

Pneumonia (very rare)
Other serious problems, including severe brain reactions and low blood count, have been reported after chickenpox vaccination. These happen so rarely experts cannot tell whether they are caused by the vaccine or not. If they are, it is extremely rare."

How rare? 1 in 49,999?

Of course the doctors are raging mad and are upset that you are finding way to cut then out of the money loop. They will use fear to get you back in line.... ""Imagine losing a child because you were dumb enough to bring him to a pox party," Gershon says."

The problem i have with that statement is that you kids is about as likely to die from the vaccine as from the actual disease. He is using blatant scare tactics whose facts directly conflict with the information earlier in the article. Imagine if you were dumb enough to allow you child to get the vaccination in the first place?

I am not saying it is a good idea to take you kid to these parties, but we do not understand everything about the human body. We don't even know why white kids is suburbia get allergies, i doubt it is because they have been locked away in their homes and have never experienced any foreign substance.


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