Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pot grows brain cells

In encouraging news for college freshmen, a Canadian study found that large, regular doses of marijuana may help to grow more brain cells and repair neurons in the hippocampus. However, low doses were not found to have the same effect. Marijuana can help induce appetite, relieve glaucoma, help with depression, and even grow brain cells. Is there anything this wonder drug can't do? Still no good word on alcohol, but fraternity sponsored scientists continue to search for benefits.


Adel said...

That's not so true. Alcohol has been shown, in moderation, to reduce the presence of plaques in the cardiovascular system. In addition, it is also known that redwine helps curb radiation absorption.

transientforeigner said...

It is also of interest to note that HU210 is 100 times as potent as THC. So its not simply that someone can roll a couple of fat ones and smoke two joints before he smokes two joints and smokes two joints more.

Large, regular does of marijuana pose the same risk studies have previously shown. However if you can get your hands on some potent, regular doses then perhaps you can boost those brain cells.

Sandcastle said...

Or people can start smoking hundreds of joints each week. I know that will cost you some cash, but what price can you put on your braincells?

Dave Justus said...

Note that it grows rat brain cells.

Based on a few potheads I know, it probably grows rat brain cells in humans too.