Friday, October 07, 2005

Importance of a CCW and CCW reciprocity

Until recently, I thought it was just a bonus that my conceal and carry waiver or conceal and carry weapons license was accepted in several states that surround Tennessee. I just assumed that was icing on the cake, until the twin sisters of death arrived (Katrina and Rita). In both of those cases when the call came to evacuate you had a hard time finding lodging close to home. Many people had to leave the state in order to evacuate. If you had a CCW in a state like California where only one state touching your state honors your permit you would be either breaking the law or defenseless when you cross state lines (neither of those is a good thing.)

Admittedly, you can get away with a lot more in a evacuation situation than you can in a normal situation, but if you get caught it only adds to your troubles.

The evacuations also point out another thing many people who have CCW's may have not thought about. Many people took both cars when they evacuated. That means both drivers would need a gun and a license to carry, to be legal. Even if you wife does not want a CCW it is still a good thing to have just in case.


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