Thursday, October 06, 2005

Government Handgun Study

After the run around for my FOIA request. It finally came in the mail the other day. I have access to a REALLY nice scanner at work, so I used their machine to put the baby in a picture file. I could lose my job or get displined for that, so thank me before I am gone. I then took that picture file and printed it to PDF, though the Acrobat PDFWriter functionality. I then took the pdf file and loaded it up to yahoo briefcase. I could not give public access to the file because I was not paying for it, but I could email it to my friends. That is when I remembered I have the ablity to email things to blogger, so i found the loop hole. Please download it while you can.

What makes me mad is that I did not get the answers that I wanted. I wanted complete and full disclosure of which companies participated, which ones made the cut, which ones dropped out, detailed reason why they made the cut or did not. Basically, all I got was information I already knew.

There might be enough information to purse it further if you want. I wanted the study to help me in deciding which handgun to buy, and I have made the decision long ago.

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Anonymous said...

Its a typical debrief for a government award. Only the information from the successful bidder becomes public information. If you are not awarded none of your bid material is supposed to be released. I was surprised where they blanked the bidder out in one paragraph but left the statement that no "Beretta" models were evalauted as a result of this bid withdrawal.


Cubicle said...

They did that with springfield and S&W also if i remember correctly.

What makes me mad, is that if i had time and money, i could repeat the test. Secondly, my tax dollars paid for the test and I cannot find the internal infor which is what i really wanted to know.

Anonymous said...

They will run 5,000+ rounds through a gun in evaluation. It'd take a while and cost quite a bit.