Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Survival Threat of the Week: Demonic Possession

Ok, this isn't exactly weekly. But there definitely won't be more than one in the same week. A Vatican supported university in Italy is offering its second course on exorcisms. With only a few exorcisms appearing in major Hollywood films, you might think that demon possession is a small problem in this world. You would be wrong. Bishop Andrea Gemma told the class that he performs "at least for exorcisms a week." The Vatican's leading exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth, claims to have conducted 40,000 exorcisms.

So what can you do to protect yourself? Well, there are always religious accessories to be found. Make sure you always have a good crucifix, some holy water, and bible on your person at all times. Also try humility. St. John Vianney found it to be mankind's ultimate advantage over the devil. However, the best way to protect yourself seems to be distancing yourself from the Catholic Church. Demon possession is most common in Catholics, former Catholics, and people with Catholic families. The number of cases are much lower for Baptists, Mormons, Hindus, Atheists, and pretty much everyone else.


Sandcastle said...

I found some more information at http://www.stmichael.pair.com/ Apparently some activities that leave you open to demon possession are using ouija boards, playing dungeons and dragons, using tarot cards, meditating, doing yoga, masturbating, having sex out of wedlock, reading your horoscope, attempting suicide, having an abortion, or using drugs. Almost anything entertaining.

Wiliam Thrash said...

On the one hand I respect the catholic church and am happy to see at least one established representation between God and man performing a work that is necessary and won't just "go away."

On the other hand, being a catholic does seem to expose you more to these demonic oppressions and possessions - probably due to the Babylonian mythology crap that the catholics adopted over the centuries. Too few catholics actually believe the "good news" of the gospel or even know what it is. The priests know, though, the bastards.

How come the gospel takes back seat to the "Hail Mary?" If the church took married seminary students, I'd be there and would don the collar.

Ech... and if I was dictator, America would look different.

Sandcastle said...

It kind of makes you wonder why the demons have it in for the Catholics so bad. I am still looking for statistics on demon possession, broken down by the faith of the possessed.

Caroline said...

The reason demons attack Catholics (oppression)is because they are the true faith of Christ. You don't attack someone on your same side. Spending eternity in heaven or hell is what is at stake...the stakes are high and the evil one knows, if a Catholic stays close to Christ and His cross, satan has lost the battle.