Thursday, October 06, 2005

Funny story

Well a couple of days ago I was in the local sushi place and heard this really funny conversation or it was really a monologue for the entire restaurant to hear. I had my back to the person until I got up to pay and leave, so I will not pre-bias with a description of the person. I don't remember word per work, but I will give you the basic idea.

Really Annoying Chick (or RAC) : "So I get into this fight with a guy who was the best man."
RAC:"He made a comment about Bush, so I tell him to go back to his country. Well, I though he was from England because most of the wedding party was from England, but it turns out that he was from New York."
RAC:"He really started it when he brought it up later on that night."
RAC:"He said something about what I had said before and I told him that he was fat. I couldn't think of a comeback, you how that happens when you have been drinking and cannot think of a good comeback."
RAC:"It just so happens that he is sensitive about that..."

I hope this makes up for how little I have been posting lately.


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