Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well today I had some time to kill so I decided to do a little accessory shopping. I was looking for some ear muffs to shoot with. I decided to make an afternoon of that task. This task just happened to involve going to the three biggest gun stores I know and also looking at carbines also.

First stop was Guns and Ammo here in Memphis on summer ave. Huge selection of handguns and two AK's. One AK was 400 and the other was 469 with a folding stock. Those prices are high from what I have seen. They also charge 60 dollars for a transfer. I looked for ears here, but they have a small selection and the ears were not labeled with decibel protection and I did not care to ask.

The next place was the Gun Shop (it is right next to Tennessee Sports Zone) off of Germantown road near Corky's BBQ. They also have 2 Ak's one was 369 and the other was 800 (pre ban they said, which since there is no ban it does not matter). They said the 800 dollar on was through consignment. You give them a gun to sell and they will take a bit of the profit when they sell it for you, I doubt that one is going to sell.

third place, was Sportman's warehouse here in Memphis. They had no AK's but they do have a great selection of ears. At the Gun Shop I found some ears rated for 21 decibels for 20 dollars at Sportman's warehouse I found some ears rate for 29 decibels of protection for 20 dollars. On top of that the ears were the folding kind so they pack up nicely. They had no AK's so I took at look at the Cx4 Storm, just to see what it was like. It seems like it was a nice gun, but not as rugged as the AK's I held.

Ever since I read this post at Say Uncle's I have been leaning toward an AK. It would not be for plinking, it would for the worse case scenario\truck gun. I would not love this gun, only use it like a dirty whore. If i can pick on a decent one that is cheap, i think this would be a nice fit for what I am looking for.

Though I am looking at other guns mentioned in the Ar-AK death match.


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Sandcastle said...

Too bad we aren't allowed to bring guns back. You can get a good used AK-47 in Iraq for around $40 US.