Wednesday, December 17, 2003

The Death penalty and Some good thoughts,5744,8184379%255E2703,00.html

The UN, Britain, and a long list of other countries don't support the death penalty.

It is cases like this that make me support the death penalty.

When you have a person this evil, manipulative, and hateful (note: I could be talking about Timothy McVeigh, John Allen Muhammad, or Saddam), there is no good recourse but to remove them from the earth.

I wonder it Europe had Hitler after WW2 today, would the kill him?
They probably would not. They would probably exile him to some island somewhere, allowing him to consolidate his power base for the next attack.

Morons they have done that already.
But this time there are not conventional armies involved; all it takes is one missile to hurt you bad.

I can see not allowing wholesale use of the death penalty (although I am not against it), but special cases arise that need to be handled...well.... like..... special cases.

Here are the good thoughts


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